Lake Washington Permitting Services

When it comes to custom construction, modifications, or normal repair and maintenance of your dock or bulkhead, you'll need to acquire the appropriate permits. Although the process may be confusing, we have the experience and expertise to simplify and help you through the maze. We'll explain the permit process and tell you what is and isn't required, and how much it will cost, and we'll take action to acquire permits for you as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure your job is done correctly.

No Extra Fees for Permitting on Lake Washington

Acquiring permits goes hand-in-hand with the construction work we do. While other construction companies may add additional fees to their permitting services, we focus on getting the permit so we can get back to building the finest marine construction projects on Lake Washington. The only fees you'll incur are the ones charged to us by the permitting agencies, for engineering costs related to the building permit, or for a biological evaluation if required. You'll know up front what permits are needed and the related fees.

We Know How to acquire the Permits You'll Need

With over 68 years of experience constructing docks and bulkheads on Lake Washington, we've seen just about everything, so we know what can and can't be done. Call us for additional information, and we can discuss the permits that may be required for your project.