What has kept us around for so long? 

Our craftsmanship and customer service are second to none. We take the time, every time, to design a solution that meets your needs. We listen and understand what you want and then deliver the highest-quality construction.


How do we keep our customers satisfied? 

We’re one of the few marine construction contractors that take the time to analyze and understand the entire job, which allows us to eliminate unknowns and risks and provide detailed and complete estimates. We budget for the unexpected to offer a fixed and firm price, without hidden costs or change orders, on any part of the project without your consent.


What sets us apart from other contractors? 

All of our employees take pride in all of our projects. On average, our employees have been constructing docks and bulkheads for nine years, with many having decades of experience. We also never compromise on the quality of the product or service. Our business grows by being employee-focused, developing the best team, and retaining them for years. This allows us to always give you the best marine product.

We’re also focused on the environment and preserving the earth for future generations. We differentiate our new docks by having epoxy painted steel that won’t leach into the water. The exterior Glu-Lam beams we use are 300-year-old Alaskan yellow cedar which is a sustainable species. We don’t treat the Glu-Lam beams which result in a brilliant finished product with exposed native timbers.


Why should you choose Seaborn? 

Our customers love our work. The majority of our business is either referral or repeat customers. As a new customer, we’ll build a relationship with you. We will even connect you with existing customers for a reference because we’re confident they’ll recommend our services.

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