barging Services on Lake Washington & Lake Sammamish

When it’s impractical to haul materials and heavy equipment to properties by land, we can haul them over water by barge. You can also run equipment off our floating platforms.

Seaborn is the oldest and most experienced residential and commercial marine construction company in Greater Seattle. In operation since 1947, you can count on our longstanding reputation for reliability and safety.


We can accommodate all types of machinery and equipment.

  • 60’ long barge

  • Can handle all types of landscape materials

  • Excavator and mini-excavator, and other related equipment

  • Easy on/off loading

  • We truck and dispose of your materials at an approved upland disposal site.

  • If needed, we have divers who can work off our barges to do underwater construction.

Rental details

Barging is available by the hour. Contact us to discuss your barging needs.