Permits for reconfiguring your existing dock allow us to design and construct a dock that conforms to the current codes regarding length, width and overwater coverage. Meaning, as long as your current dock isn't already at the maximum size allowed by the current code (and most aren't), you may be able to add to your existing dock as long as its location conforms to current local codes (property line and adjacent structure set back requirements).

These length, width and overall size codes differ per city and we need to evaluate your proposal based on the city (local), state and federal codes. Many of these city codes have been updated as part of the new Shoreline Master Plans, which are on the city website; or you can contact us and we’ll review them for you.

Our goal is to design and permit a pier to meet your current and future needs. There are options through additional conservation measures that will allow you to exceed the guidelines established by the local city and in the Army Corps’ programmatic SPIF. Please contact us with your thoughts and we’ll explain your options.