For additional information on any items listed below, fee free to contact us

Do I need a permit?

Most work over the water requires permits, however, there are exceptions. You’ll need to contact us for confirmation.

When is the open Work window at my house on lake washington?

Please refer to our Work Window document or contact us for confirmation.

Do I need to install grating on my dock?

Probably. Please feel free to contact us for clarification.

I want to purchase property that doesn’t currently have a dock. Can I permit a new dock?

Yes, we’re currently permitting 4 – 5 new docks around Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish this year.

for a house I’m interested in buying, Is it a good idea to have the dock inspected?

Yes. A dock is expensive to repair or replace and may provide a lot of value to your new residence. Learn more about our free dock and bulkhead inspections or contact us.

We’re thinking of selling in the next 2-3 years and the dock needs work. Should we complete the work before listing the property for sale?

Probably not. However, it depends on the condition of the dock and how long you plan to remain at the site. Like any other remodel, it may take longer than 2-3 years of appreciation to cover the cost.

Can I expand or reconfigure my existing dock?

Probably. It depends on the current dock size and your specific city code. Please feel free to contact us for clarification.

Can I expand my dock into the property line setback? We don’t have a lot of room.

Maybe. It depends on the size of your lot and whether we can coordinate a Joint Use Agreement.

Can my boat be moored in the property line setback?

Maybe. It depends on the site and local jurisdiction. Please feel free to contact us for a site review.

Another contractor told me I had to install a new grated deck to mitigate their proposed pile repair. Is this true?

Probably not. Pile repair, as well as dock repair, mitigation focuses on shoreline vegetation.

Another contractor told me I had to reduce the width of my dock on Mercer Island. Is this true?

If you want to rebuild the entire dock, the current Mercer Island code requires the first 30’ of the dock from the shore be reduced to 4’ wide. However, if you want to separate the repair into two projects 5 years apart (minor repair), then the dock can remain in its current configuration.

I live in Bellevue and was told I can permit a boatlift in the property line set back. Is this true?

The previous Bellevue Shoreline Master Plan did allow for boatlifts in the setback, however the updated Shoreline Master Plan states the boatlift must be outside the 10’ property line setback. There are exceptions. Please contact us for additional information.

I live in Seattle and want to install a canopy over my new boatlift. Is this possible?

Seattle doesn't allow any covered moorage.

I live in Seattle and I currently have a covered moorage and a dock with a 250 square foot ELL. The dock needs repair. I was told I can’t have the covered moorage, and I have to reduce the ELL to 100 square feet.

The current Seattle code limits new and reconfigured docks to a 100 square foot ELL. However, if we can demonstrate your dock is a legally established non-conforming structure (ELL is larger than current code), the ELL and dock can be rebuilt without needing to change the size. Since Seattle doesn’t allow covered moorages, the cover must be removed unless you have a permit. Please call for additional information.

I want to remove my old dock and construct a larger one for my 75’ yacht. Is this possible?

Yes. We’re designing, permitting and constructing yacht moorages in 2019.

I was told I couldn’t rebuild my bulkhead. Is this true?

Bulkhead codes differ by local jurisdictions. However, all cities stress that any bulkhead repair or replacement include an enhancement to the ecological functions at the site. We‘re always able to complete bulkhead repair and replacement through the construction of a beach and cove over some portion of the property.

We have a shared dock on our property and want to construct our own personal dock. Can we add a second dock?

Probably not, as most jurisdictions limit you to one dock per legal parcel. However, there are options that allow you to construct a personal dock. Please contact us for a review of your site and options.

We have a small lot and want to construct a dock. Can we?

Each city has different minimum width requirements for constructing a new dock or reconfiguring an existing dock. Please contact us with your specific application and we can discuss your options.

Can I paint or stain my dock?

You should check with your local city for regulations concerning applying paints over the lake.

Do you work on Bainbridge Island?

We currently don’t work on Bainbridge Island. However, we’re increasing our capabilities. Please contact us with your specific project and we can discuss our services with you.

We have a dock and bulkhead in Medina that requires repair. Another company was unable to obtain a permit, because the city said they are not able to demonstrate the dock is legally established. Can you help?

Probably. We have a copy of all Medina permits ever issued as well as pictures of Lake Washington going back to the mid 1960’s. One of these is required by Medina to demonstrate the dock was legally established. Please contact us for additional information.

We live in Kirkland and someone said we’re unable to repair our bulkhead. Is that true?

The city of Kirkland requires any bulkhead repair be a “like for like” repair. Please contact us for further clarification.

My neighbor said that marine contractors aren’t required to have a contractor’s license, since they don’t work on land. Is that true?

All contractors working in Washington State are required to have a contractor’s license as well as a business license for the city where they’re working. In addition, because Lakes Washington and Sammamish are state and federally managed waters, any project on the lakes requires a permit from the WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Army Corps of Engineers. There are exceptions regarding Corps permits. Please contact us for additional information.