Permit Technician

Job Summary:

The Permit Technician is responsible for verification that application documents are complete, and filed; calculation and payment of fees; tracking and routing of documents for review; and appropriate notification to applicants when necessary. Daily duties also include departmental clerical duties to assist in the development and maintenance of filing systems, application forms, and the permit tracking system.


  • Schedule surveys; communicate with customers, communicate with Production Manager and survey technician, add to Survey Calendar.
  • Add all sold projects to CoConstruct scheduling system and assign tasks accordingly.
  • Manage email communications, create tasks in CoConstruct when necessary, update Job schedule sheet with Reviewer/Permit Date/Permit Number
  • Develop project timelines and work within project deadlines.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of project progress.
  • Work with colleagues to maintain project continuity and integrity.
  • Prepare and submit written reports as needed.
  • Update the Process sheets when procedures change.
  • Communicate with clients as needed.
  • Maintain technical proficiency and participate in continuing education opportunities offered.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Proficiency with computers, Microsoft Office, engineering software, CAD software
  • Common core math skills
  • Physical Requirements
  • Ability to work indoors/outdoors, in non-conditioned environments, in moist/dry environments, background noise moderate to heavy at times, environments with dust, fumes, odors, or mold.


These are the essential physical demands to perform the job:

  • LIFTING – Lifting up to 50 pounds is required
  • CLIMBING/WALKING – responsibilities require sufficient agility and mobility to maneuver safely on the job site confronting rough terrain, trenches, and uncompleted framing.
  • SPEAKING – Cultural/regional speaking accents are acceptable.
  • HEARING – Hearing is required
  • VISION – Visually inspect and approve each phase of construction as well as driving
    motor vehicles
  • PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – Required use per Seaborn Pile Driving Co. and OSHA guidelines


Performance Factors:

  • Organizational skills – permits coming back sooner than scheduled
  • Time management – no pushed tasks
  • Troubleshooting – using resource, deductive reasoning and previous job examples to help problem solve issues
  • Accuracy in applications / permit submittals – limit the number of corrections
  • Ability to work as a team player and on individual tasks

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