The epoxy-coated steel “I” beams we use are strong. So strong, they handily outperform and outlive traditional wood beams. Able to hold heavier loads, the epoxy-coated steel in every Seaborn structure is as strong as it is beautiful.


Epoxy-coated steel is more than just strong. It’s highly durable, able to outlast galvanized steel. Epoxy is environmentally safe, keeping your water unpolluted. And its midnight color complements your water in both sunlight and moonlight. 


Our 300-year-old Alaskan Yellow Cedar wood comes to us untreated—and we like to keep it that way. Some of our competitors use treated Douglas Fir, but we don’t. We want to keep your waters clean, so we avoid chemically-treated wood. When the years become decades, and the yellow naturally fades to heather gray, you’ll remember you chose Seaborn.


We use only covered hardwood, so your dock will have a superior finish and greater longevity—and a stunning look. Every Seaborn dock is crafted with attachment fasteners, which cleverly keep the wood safe and dry with a water-tight wooden plug. 

The Seaborn Legacy 

When you choose to build with Seaborn, you don’t simply choose a company with a 75-year legacy of excellence in craftsmanship; you choose to build a legacy of your own. To talk with us about your project, contact us.

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