Dock Lights

We know that safety is a top priority for you and your family. Dock lights are a key component to safely enjoying your dock and watercraft. We can install lighting systems on your dock so you never have to worry about running into your dock with your boat, or walking down a dark dock after watching a beautiful sunset. Dock lights come in many types, including solar lights. We can help your select what’s right for your dock!

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Dock Ladder

A dock ladder makes getting in and out of the lake safe and easy. Getting out of your kayak, or off your paddleboard is a breeze when we add a ladder to your dock. Ladders come in several sizes and lengths. We can help you pick the one that’s right for your dock.

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Dock Cleats

Do you have more watercraft than places to tie them up? We can help by adding more dock cleats. We can help you select the best dock cleats for your needs and install them with care.

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When your boat or jet ski rubs against your dock, it can damage both. We can add fenders, or dock bumpers, that prevent damage to both the watercraft and your dock. We offer several types and styles of fenders to match the look of your lakefront.

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Power Pedestal

Power up your dock with a power pedestal, or dock box. These sleek-looking power stations provide electricity, and even internet, safely to your dock. We can help you select the right power pedestal for your dock, and install it with the craftsmanship you expect from Seaborn Pile Driving.

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Mounting Brackets

Make sure that your control boxes are safely secure. We can help by supplying mounting brackets to keep everything in its place. Our team can help you select the best brackets for your needs and install them with care.

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