A well-built, trustworthy pier can serve as the cornerstone of a community, a beautiful public space for locals to converge and tourists to visit. Piers work to instantly revitalize run-down areas on the lake, breathing new life into them.

Here at Seaborn Pile Driving, we specialize in constructing, rebuilding, and repairing commercial piers. Bringing together safety, style and community satisfaction. We ensure that any pier, whether new or existing, retains its status as a community cornerstone.



Erosion and destabilization are real dangers to your lakefront property. A top-quality bulkhead is key to keeping it safe and free from long-term wear and tear. You can rest easy with our bulkhead services, no matter what you’re using it for. With bulkhead construction, repair and reconstruction services, we protect your lakefront investment so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

With decades of experience and a commitment to craftsmanship, Seaborn Pile Driving will take care of every aspect of your bulkhead project and stand behind our work when we’re finished.

Pile Driving

With Seaborn, you will receive the highest quality pile driving services in the Pacific Northwest. Just like how pile driving is the foundation of any marine construction project, it’s also the foundation of our business. Our range of pile driving services includes pile driving, pulling and repairs, for timber and steel to ensure we can provide what you need with the materials you need to be worked on.

Seaborn’s deep foundation pile driving services cover the full range of foundational piling systems and installation methods, including:


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