Keep your dock in top shape

What’s the point of living on the water if you spend a boatload of time cleaning, repairing, or maintaining your dock? You should be boating and relaxing dock-side with a glass of wine! Let Seaborn Services –  a subdivision of Seattle’s marine construction company Seaborn Pile Driving, manage your lakefront projects. We’ll handle everything from cleaning to boatlift services to helix anchors and more so you can just enjoy lake life again.

Our Services

We’re an in-house team doing quality work on small to small-ish jobs and everything in between. No cutting corners or surprise hidden costs, ever.

• Maintenance
• Cleaning
• Boatlift services and repair
• Buoys
• Helix anchors
• Surveys

Shop Accessories

Choose from a selection of highly-rated quality products for your dock or lift. Locally sourced. Warranty-backed.

Time is Precious

Let us sweat the small stuff, so you can enjoy lake life with loved ones.