What is a bulkhead?

Bulkheads are essential structures that provide stability, prevent erosion, and protect properties from water intrusion. 

Is your bulkhead failing?

Typically, a failing bulkhead will have voids or sinkholes that form directly behind the rock/concrete/sheet walls/etc. This is caused by water coming in through pockets to erode the earth behind the wall.

How we build bulkheads

Our bulkheads are built with a dense fabric-filter lining that allows water to pass through and dissipate. This foundation stops the water from pulling out the earth, and prevents sinkholes from forming and failure over time.

What kind of bulkhead do you have?

Rock Bulkhead: Vertically stacked boulders, typically basalt or granite.

Concrete Bulkhead: Concrete poured bulkhead with a smooth or exposed aggregate finish.

Rip Rap: Smaller rock spread along the shoreline.

Sheet Pile Wall: Either made of steel or vinyl and typically with a cap on the top of the wall.

Block Wall: Typical CMU or other block stacked like a retaining wall.

Wood Lagging: Wood piles with horizontal wood boards that act as the wall’s retaining members.

Wood Pile Wall: Wood piles that are driven tightly next to each other.

The Seaborn Difference

Here at Seaborn, we only use large, dense Columbia Granite rock that is hand picked by our team. This kind of material creates the best retention and withstands harsh weather conditions on Lake Washington.

With our team of bulkhead experts, you’ll find that there can be beauty in keeping your shoreline safe and protected!

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