Changes concerning the normal repair and maintenance of your existing dock contain some of the most significant of the recent code updates. Under the previous code, we were able to obtain a simple Shoreline Exemption Permit to repair and maintain an existing dock, with no change in configuration. In a number of cities on Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, the new adopted code requires a reduction in the size of the inshore section of the dock for repairs. This reduction amount and application varies by city. Specifically, only a certain percentage of the dock can be repaired or rebuilt under the Shoreline Exemption permits.

The updated Shoreline Master Plans differ by city, however most have minimum light penetration requirements that usually can be addressed by a new grated surface. In addition, all proposed dock repairs, reconfigurations, and new constructions require a shoreline vegetation plan consisting of native shoreline plantings. We can align you with a professional who can design a planting plan that complements your existing yard and garden. See Existing Dock Reconfiguration and Replacement

Local city dock permits also may require we ensure the project will result in “No Net Loss To Ecological Functions” at the site. The code clearly states that this provision must be addressed by a “professional”. In addition, it is up to the local jurisdiction (city) to determine if the project (repair, replacement, or reconfiguration) meets the provision.